Backing up Outlook with Windows File History

File History is a Windows application that continuously backs up specific files. This article walks you though the process of using File History to back up your Outlook files, which contain your emails, along with your Library folders, Desktop, and Favorites folders. We reccomend that you complete this process often, as it is not guaranteed that your Outlook files will be backed up through the normal operation of File History since the file is in use when Outlook is open. These instructions are for Windows 8, but Windows 10 is similar. For more information on File History, or to learn how to turn File History on, click here

  1. ​Be sure Outlook is closed. The process may not work if the program is running.
  2. Click on the Start button or Classic Shell icon.
  3. Select "Control Panel," and then click on "File History."
  4. Click "Run Now." 

    File History "Run Now" Button

  5. Let the process run. This may take from one minute to twenty minutes, depending on the size of your Outlook files. 

    File history in progress

  6. When the process finishes, you will see the confirmation text, and you may exit the window. 
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