TLC General Information

Over 9,000 students, faculty, and staff are ongoing participants in NMU's Teaching, Learning, and Communication (TLC) notebook initiative.

Each TLC participant receives a ThinkPad or a MacBook (art and design majors) model notebook computer; HelpDesk and Micro Repair support services for software and hardware assistance are available via walk-in, telephone, email, and internet.  Insurance coverage for accidental damages ($75 fee) and theft ($500 fee) is also provided.  Notebooks are pre-configured for internet network connectivity.

MacBooks are provided for students declaring Art and Design as their primary major. An additional fee of $250 per semester ($500 per year) is required to cover the higher cost of the MacBook and its related software.

The IT Web site principally contains technical information and software updates for NMU ThinkPads. Information about the TLC ThinkPad program, policies, and issues are available at the NMU Web site.