Cleaning a ThinkPad

You should take care to clean your ThinkPad properly. Select a part of your computer to learn how to safely clean it. 

LCD Screen

Cleaning your computer's case

  • Prepare a small mixture of a gentle kitchen-use detergent (one that does not contain abrasive powder or strong chemicals such as an acid or alkaline). Use 5 parts water to 1 part detergent.
  • Absorb the diluted detergent into a sponge or lint-free, soft cloth.
  • Squeeze out the excess liquid from the sponge or cloth.
  • Wipe the cover, using a circular motion and taking care not to let any excess liquid drip.
  • Wipe the surface to remove the detergent.
  • Rinse the sponge or cloth with clean running water and squeeze out any excess liquid.
  • Wipe the cover with the clean sponge or lint-free, soft cloth.
  • Wipe the surface again with a dry, lint-free, soft cloth.
  • Wait for the surface to dry completely and then remove any fibers left from the sponge or cloth.

Cleaning your computer keyboard

  • Absorb some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a lint-free, soft cloth.
  • Wipe the keytop surface with the cloth, ensuring no liquid drips on or between the keys.
  • Allow to dry.

Notes: Never spray or pour any liquid cleaner directly on the LCD display or the keyboard. You can use compressed air to remove any crumbs and dust from beneath the keys.

Cleaning your computer LCD display

  • Gently wipe the display with a dry, lint-free, soft cloth. If you see a scratch-like mark on your display, it might be a stain transferred from the keyboard or the TrackPoint pointer when the cover was pressed from the outside.
  • Wipe or dust the stain gently with a dry, soft cloth.
  • If the stain remains, moisten a lint-free, soft cloth with water or a 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water that does not contain impurities.
  • Wring out as much of the liquid as you can.
  • Wipe the display again; do not let any liquid drip into the computer.
  • Dry the display before closing the lid.

Notes: Anti-static LCD cleaning cloths and Kim Wipes are also acceptable alternatives. Isopropyl Alcohol is a flammable liquid. Do not use this cleaner near an exposed flame or when the system is on.

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