Notebook Distribution Information

Students that are registered for Northern Michigan University classes and have tuition paid, are eligible to pick up a notebook computer.

Students will be issued a notebook computer that is 4 years old or less. Art & Design majors will be issued an Apple notebook computer that is 4 years old or less.

Registered students considered part time (less than 12 credits for undergraduates or less than 8 credits for graduate students) will be assessed a TLC rental fee of $385.00 when a computer is issued. The TLC rental fee is charged to the student's NMU account. Art & Design majors with a MacBook assignment will be charged an additional $250 fee per semester to cover the higher cost of the Apple notebook and additional software.

Each semester, notebook computer distribution is held at Micro Repair. Micro Repair is located in room 114 of the Learning Resource Center (LRC). New students will be mailed a letter near mid-August with an assigned distribution date and time. Continuing students will be notified via their NMU email account of their assigned date and time if an exchange of their computer is required.