NMU Laptops-Student Responsibility

During the service cycle period, the student may be responsible for repair costs if computer is damaged by misuse, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environments, or improper maintenance by the user. Students are also responsible for accidental damage and computer theft with an insurance fee of $75 and $500, respectively, applied to the student's NMU account.  If a computer is stolen, follow the stolen procedure. Charges for the following parts will be placed on the students account if they are issued and not returned.


Please review your NMU TLC Agreement for specifics. The following is not covered under warranty:

  • LCD screen cracked by applying excessive force or from being dropped
  • Scratched (cosmetic) parts
  • Cracked or broken plastic parts, broken latches, broken pins, or broken connectors caused by excessive force
  • Damage caused by liquid spilled into the system
  • Damage caused by the improper insertion of a PC Card or the installation of an incompatible card
  • Damage caused by foreign materials
  • Forgotten computer BIOS password (making the computer unusable)

The following symptoms might indicate damage caused by non warranted activities:

  • Missing parts might be a symptom of unauthorized service or modification
  • Sticky keyboard keys as a result of liquid spills.

 STOLEN LAPTOPS: Students are responsible for the first $500.00 of the replacement cost for the computer.  Please inquire with your insurance company if your policy will cover the $500.00 stolen fee or if an additional policy can be purchased. In the case of a stolen computer follow these steps:

  1. Notify the Asset Management Department of theft by calling (906) 227-2822 or email thinkpad@nmu.edu.
  2. Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.
    • If the computer is stolen from an on-campus location, report the theft to the NMU Police Department at (906) 227-2151 to obtain a police report.
    • If the computer is stolen from off-campus, contact the local law enforcement agency to obtain a police report.
  3. Provide a copy of the police report to the NMU Asset Manager for processing.
  4. Complete NMU Insurance Claim form that is available at the Technology Support Services office, 116 Harden Hall.

Theft/Loss Prevention

  1. Never leave the computer unattended.
  2. Treat the computer like it is a purse or wallet.
  3. If you turn in your computer for repair, replacement, or return, get a receipt from the TSS office.
  4. Never loan out the computer.
  5. Do not leave the computer in your vehicle.
  6. No one from NMU should ask for the computer, except in the case of withdrawal from NMU, or for exchange when the computer needs repair or replacement.