Personal Huawei LTE Configuration

The personally purchased Huawei LTE CPEs should work with NMU LTE as soon as the NMU SIM card is installed. If the device gets a LTE signal but doesn’t provide Internet access the following additional configuration steps may be needed. These instructions are based on the Huawei E5237 Mobile WiFi device and the Huawei LTE CPE B315. Your menu choices may vary.
1. Connect a device with a web browser (like your laptop computer) to the CPE's WiFi signal; using the SSID and WiFi Key. These willl be listed on a printed label on the CPE: either at the bottom or under the battery cover.
2. Using a web browser, connect to the CPE’s web interface by typing in the address: “” in the browser’s address field.


3. Enter the user ID and password; typically “admin” and “admin”. You may be prompted to confirm the strength of your current password. If so, click the “Confirm” button.


4. From the tab menu, choose “Settings”, then “Dial-Up”, and then “Profile Management.”

5. Click “Next.”


6. To add a new profile, click “New Profile.”


7. Set the profile name to “NMU”. If there is a choice for static or dynamic choose “Dynamic”.
  • If you don’t see a choice for static or dynamic, then set the APN field to: “nmulte” (in lower case letters). Leave the user name and password fields blank.
8. Then click “Save."


9. Click the “Log Out” option in the upper right corner of the window. Close the web browser. The CPE should now provide Internet access to devices connected to its WiFi network.
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