NMU LTE access for Smartphones and Tablets

LTE equipment that is not sold by NMU is not guaranteed to work on the NMU LTE system and there is very little if any customer support provided to those people who wish to experiment with LTE devices.  This information is being provided strictly for those interested in experimenting.
  1. The NMU LTE system DOES NOT offer cell phone voice services at all. Only data services are available. People might want to access the NMU LTE data service as a way to save on their carrier’s (Verizon, AT&T, Net10, etc.) data plan.
  2. First and foremost, in order to function on the NMU LTE network, a phone or tablet must support Band 7 (2600MHz) FDD LTE and must also be unlocked. Typically a phone can only be used on the carrier defined in device software.  Phones that are under contract are typically locked to their respective carrier.  After the contract is up, the user may request that the phone be unlocked by the carrier or phone manufacturer.
  3. At this time, we are not aware of any Verizon (CDMA) phones that will work on NMU LTE.
  4. Apple iOS devices are basically unusable on the NMU LTE system since the Apple iOS doesn’t recognize the NMU LTE network. Apple iOS devices will connect but only for a short period of time and then disconnect on their own repeatedly.
  5. To function on the NMU LTE network, phones and tablets must run Android OS or Windows OS.
  6. There are a few phones and tablets that have been tested on the NMU LTE system and appear to work fine at their current software level.  KEEP IN MIND software updates in the future may render these devices unusable. 
DUAL SIM -vs- SINGLE SIM devices
Some mobile phones with dual SIM slots will allow the user to simultaneously plug in both their Cellular SIM and their NMU LTE SIM.  Single SIM phones will require the user to physically remove their Cellular SIM and insert their NMU LTE SIM card.  It is better to dedicate a single SIM device to NMU LTE use, because SIM cards are easily lost or broken when they are switched back and forth.
If you're still interested in experimenting with LTE devices, here is a list of devices that have been tested unlocked and found to work on the NMU LTE network:
DUAL SIM Devices
  • Android - BLU PURE XL -
  • Android - BLU Studio G LTE - Note: If the phone does not connect to NMULTE, check Settings > SIM cards and confirm that Mobile data is set for the NMU LTE SIM.
  • Android - Sony Xperia Z3 model D6633 -
  • Android - Motorola E XT5121 GSM -
  • Windows Phone - RM-1096 / Microsoft Lumia 640XL LTE DS GSM -
  • Android - For the adventurous – ASUS Nexus 7 tablet model: K009, P/N: 90NK0091- M00580, the Taiwan version Nexus 7.  Band 7 support is what you're looking for.
  • Android - LG Nexus 5 D820
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