NMULTE APN Settings for Thinkpads

This page is a part of a series of pages for LTE troubleshooting. If you haven't already done so, please start the LTE troubleshooting process by going to the LTE Troubleshooting (Start Here) page.

1. Click on wireless settings icon in your Taskbar and then right-click on the "Cellular" icon to select "Go to Settings".


2.  If the APN settings are good, you should see something like "NMU (LTE)" or "Northern Michigan University" listed as the Cellular profile.


3. If not, it will just say Cellular like below. Click on "Advanced options" if it doesn’t connect. (You may need to click on "Cellular" to see the options)


4. On APN Applied, click "Edit".

6. Under Profile name, type “NMULTE” all one word, all in upper-case. Under APN, type “nmulte” all one word, all in lower-case. Leave the rest of the fields blank or on their default. Make sure "Apply this profile" is checked and click "Save". Then click the "back arrow" at the top of left next to the Settings title. On the previous screen, now try connecting.


7. After you click "Save"

8. Restart the computer and check if you connect to LTE.


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