NMU LTE Device Troubleshooting

NMU LTE Device Troubleshooting

This page is a part of a series of pages for LTE troubleshooting. If you haven't already done so, please start the LTE troubleshooting process by going to the LTE Troubleshooting (Start Here) page.

1. What NMU Issued LTE Device are you trying to connect? (Note the LTE Device name)

2. If an outdoor unit, verify it is pointed in the right direction based on LTE tower information you received with the installation instructions when you purchased the device.

3. Power the LTE device off (and connected WiFi router (if used)) and then back on.

--If outdoor unit, disconnect router and directly connect to outdoor cpe device by Ethernet cable until working and then test router separately by adding back in after. (You may need an adapter for this or to bring in to the Helpdesk).

If this step doesn’t work and you have another ethernet cable around, you should try with the different cable to see if that is the issue.

Verify the indicator lights show it is powered on and has an LTE connection using the instructions available for your NMU Issued LTE Device.

Verify the WiFi connection of your device is available and you can connect to it. (Do you see the SSID name of your device and does it connect after you enter the password you have set, that is provided in your manual or is printed on your device?)


Is the device registered?

Go to https://register.nmu.edu, What IP address is listed?

If IP shows 10.x.x.x, it is not registered, register it using your NMU UserID and password.

If IP is other than 10.x.x.x or 169.x.x.x (note the IP address), your device is registered. HURRAY! You should be able to access the Internet.

If fails to connect the Internet or to the NMU register page CONTACT THE HELPDESK.


CONTACT THE HELPDESK: Test the connection with a web browser, if it still fails contact the HelpDesk and provide the following information:

  • UserID or NMU IN:
  • Contact phone number:
  • Problem: LTE device not connecting to LTE
  • Date(s) problem occurred:
  • Time(s) problem occurred:
  • Address of the location where you are having a problem:
  • Device Model:
  • IP Address:
  • Was device rebooted:
  • Was device registered:
  • Who the device was registered to:
  • Was it connected and registered at the HelpDesk at the time it was received?
  • Is this the first time you are using it in this location?

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