Setting Up a Vacation Email Automatic Response

This allows you to send a message to people trying to send you email while you are vacation that you are not able to read it. If you are forwarding mail to an MES account, you will need to follow the second set of directions.

Mail is not being forwarded
Mail is being forwarded to an MES account

Mail is not being forwarded

1. Login to MyUser with your NMU UserID and password. 

2.Click the "Options" tab and select "Vacation E-mail."


3. Change vacation status to "Enabled" and enter a subject and message. (Repeat the first two steps and select "Disabled" when you no longer want an autoreply vacation email.)


4. Press "Submit" to enable the vacation message.

Mail is being forwarded to an MES account

1. Log into the Outlook Web App, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, and select "Options."

2. Select "Set automatic replies" from the menu. 

3. Select the "Set automatic replies" option, and format the message you would like to send. 


4. You may choose a time period to send vacation replies through. If you do not, you will need to log in again to stop the replies. 
5. Choose to send replies to contacts or all senders as well. 


6. Select "Save" to begin the automatic replies. 



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