Customizing the new look in gmail

Many people as of 11/15/18 might be unhappy about the new look in gmail. Here are some customization options that might help:

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox for gmail. Microsoft Edge displays the preview pane with text that doesn't wrap and uses a horizontal scroll bar that is pretty annoying.
  2. Try the options in "Display Density' in the settings to see if you like one over the others.
  3. Minimize the Inbox/Labels on the left edge by clicking the icon on the top left of the window. Red dots and numbers indicate new messages. The column will still expand when you hover over it.
  4. Minimize the Calendar, Keep, and ToDo options on the right side of the window by closing them.
  5. For those using the Preview pane (available in the Settings, Advanced menu) they can click on and drag the left edge of the preview pane to resize it horizontally for less or more space.
  6. Disable the chat window if is it on in the Settings, Advanced menu.
  7. Try zooming in or out of the browser window using the icon in the upper right corner until you find a view you like.

More information may be found on this link from the Internet:

    How to Disable Gmail’s Most Annoying New Features (10/25/18)

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