Outlook delivery errors when sending to an @mes.nmu.edu address

If people get a delivery error message when sending mail to YourID@mes.nmu.edu address it is most likely because the email program they are using, typically Outlook or gmail, has an outdated reference to YourID@mes.nmu.edu address entry stored in its autocomplete feature.

People will have to recreate the autocomplete entries for YourID@mes.nmu.edu address by:
  1. In Outlook or gmail, open a new message to be sent.
  2. Type in the first letter or two of the email address in the TO: field, such as 'j' or 'js' for jsmith@mes.nmu.edu. This will display the available autocomplete entries.
  3. Use the up/down arrow keys to highlight the old autocomplete entry that isn't working.
  4. Press the 'Delete' key on the keyboard to delete the entry.
  5. Then use the TO: button and the Outlook global address list to select the new MES entry or just use the YourID@nmu.edu address which will always work for any NMU account whether people have an @mes.nmu.edu or not.
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