Drag and Drop Back Up Method

There are many ways to back up your computer, but the drag and drop method is one way to do this. It is recommended that you do a back-up at least once a month, That way if something were to happen with your computer you would have a majority of your files.

1. Plug in the device you'd like to back your files up onto. 

2. Open Windows File Explorer  (or a Mac's Finder Window) and drag the window to the left of the screen and resize it to only take up half the screen. 
3. Right-click the File Exporer icon and click "File Explorer" to open a second window. Or in a Mac's Finder, choose File > New Finder Window.

4. Drag and resize the second window to the right so it displays on the second half of the screen, next to the previous one. 

5. Navigate in one window to your external device, then in the other window navigate to the locations you would like to store files from. Click and drag the files from the location on your computer to the side of the screen which contains your external/backup device. Do this until you've backed up all the desired files. 
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