Backing Up NMU G Suite

Unless you retire as an employee at NMU, as a faculty, staff, or student your NMU G Suite account will become disabled 1 year after you leave NMU and 3 years afterward if you were a graduate student. For these reasons, or just for the piece of mind of having a backup of your NMU G Suite content for yourself, you might consider backing up your NMU G Suite content.

Backing up your content to a ZIP file

Google's Takeout application,, can be used to create an archive and/or ZIP file of your NMU G Suite content and download it to your computer. Google Takeout will convert the Google document formats to offline formats (Google Docs -> Word format, etc.). If you have a large amount of content, such as many video files, creating a ZIP file using Google Takeout may not be a good choice. More information is available from Google at "Download your data" and a 1 minutes video at "How to Use Google Takeout - YouTube".

If you later chose to upload the content to a different G Suite account, open the Google Drive settings and choose the option to "convert files on upload" before you upload the files if you want them in the Google Docs and other formats again.

Transferring your content to another G Suite account

The same Google Takeout application offers a way to transfer the NMU G Suite content to another Google G Suite account using See "Copy content from your school account to another account" for details.

The Google Takeout Transfer option,, may be a great choice especially if you have an "Email for Life" account available through the NMU Alumni office. The Alumni "Email for Life" accounts are Google G Suite accounts with an email address. Visit and the "Email for Life" link to request an Alumni G Suite account and see if you qualify.

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