Using Fetch

Fetch is a MAC OS X application for transferring files between your computer and a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. Using Fetch, you can connect to an FTP server, browse directories and files on both systems, and transfer files between the systems.

Note: While most FTP servers allow you to download files to your computer, your ability to upload a file to a remote server depends on your access privileges.

  1. Open Fetch and enter the connection information, then click "OK."
    • For Host, enter the server to which you are connecting.
    • For User ID and Password, enter your NMU ID and password in lower case letters.
  2. Once connected, you will be able to browse directories on the remote server and your computer. Fetch supports a couple of methods to copy files:
    • The simplest method is just to drag files from your computer into the Fetch window (upload) or drag files from the Fetch window to your computer (download).
    • The other method is to use the "Get" (downdload) and "Put Files" (upload) buttons to copy files.

    Fetch can even copy entire folders, including their sub-folders, to the target location.

    For additional information on FTP file transfers, see the Fetch program's help.

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