How to Submit Grades on MyNMU

1. Select the Faculty Resources button in the left side menu, or the Faculty Resources tile button. 

2. Click on the Enter Final Grades link.

3. To filter your current semester courses, either type in the semester in the the search field or click the term filter arrows to bring up the most recent term courses. 

4. Courses will show in one of three statuses: Completed, Not Started, or In Progress. 


  • Courses will show in progress for grading prior to the start of grading if there has been a withdrawal, as that is the final grade.
  • The second column status is showing if the grades have rolled yet (done after the noon deadline on the Tuesday after finals week). That is when the grade is rolled and locked in, so you can no longer edit it through this system but need to submit a grade change form. 

5. Click on a course name and then begin grading.

  • W grades: If a "W" grade is already entered for the student, DO NOT change it. 
  • F and U grades: You must also fill in the "Last Date of Attendance" field.
    • If the student never attended, enter the first day of the semester and "0" in Hours Attended. 
    • If attendance is unknown, use the date of the last exam/assignment submitted. 

6. Click Save at the bottom to commit your grades to the system.

  • Note: You may click save midway through entry to ensure the session does not time out (timeout is set to 60 minutes). 

7. For more detailed grade submission guidance, please contact the Registrar's Office. 



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