Connecting to a Wireless Network (MAC OS X)

These instructions tell how to connect to the campus network using AirPort. They assume your network settings are already configured.

  1. Make sure you are in a location that has wireless network access.There are access points in many campus buildings.Click the wireless icon to see a list of locations:
  2. Make sure your computer is not connected to an orange network port.
  3. Click the AirPort icon  on the Finder bar, and choose "Turn Wi-Fi On."

  4. Select the wireless network you would like to connect to, such as NMU.

  5. If you need to connect to NMU resources on your home network (or other non-NMU network), such as art servers or department servers, you will need to use a VPN connection by clicking the VPN icon in the upper right of the screen. If that icon is not available see the Setting up the NMU VPN on a Mac page.

Note: The first time you connect a computer to the campus network, you must register the computer's network interface(s).

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