Mac OS X Mail Setup

Mac OSX Mail is an application you can utilize to check your mail. Instructions for setting up Mac Mail as a POP account are below. To learn how to use MAC OS X, visit the Using MAC OS X Mail page

1. Launch the Mail application from the dock.
2. Select "Mail" from the top left menu, and select "Add Account..."
3. Select "Add Other Mail Account..." and click "Continue."
4. Enter your Name, NMU Email Address, and Password, then click "Sign In" 
5. Enter your User Name, Select the "POP" accont type button and enter "" in the Incoming Mail Server, and enter "" in the Outgoing Mail Server, then click "Sign In".
6. Click "Done".
7. Select "Mail" from the top left menu, and select "Preferences."

8. Select your account from the left and select the "Advanced" tab.  Enter "995" in the "Port" field and select the check box next to "Use SSL."
9. Close the window, select "Save" to keep changes. 

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