Troubleshooting the Ethernet cord and network port

Get Connected

If you have trouble connecting to the on-campus network through a network port:

  1. Make sure your network cable is plugged into the network port on your computer, and into an orange network port
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Make sure your computer's wired network interface is registered. See Registering on the Campus Network.
  4. Make sure the network cable and network port you are using are both working properly.
    • Try connecting through another network port.
    • Try connecting with another network cable.
  5. If you still cannot connect, please contact the Help Desk at 227-2468.

IP Address Conflict

If you receive a message about a conflicting IP address on another computer, you need to find out the other computer's network hardware address, then call the HelpDesk

To find out the other computer's network hardware address:

  1. Right click on My Computer and choose "Computer Management" or "Manage" for earlier versions of Windows. 

  2. Expand "System Tools" by clicking the arrow to the left of it.
  3. Expand "Event Viewer" by clicking the arrow  to the left of it.
  4. Expand "Windows Logs" by clicking the arrow to the left of it. 
  5. Click on "System" to view the System Event Log. 

  6. In the right half of the window, double-click the "TCPIP" error to show information about it.

    Write down the network hardware address from the Description.

    For example, in this graphic the network hardware address is 00:A0:C9:E3:9F:D9.

  7. Call the Help Desk at 227-2468, or take a screenshot (using the PrtSc button) and send it to

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