Temporary Labor Network ID Information

When is the NMU User ID created?
The NMU Network User ID is created once the appropriate employment documentation is entered into the Human Resources system, but no more than 30 days prior to the effective date of employment.
What happens when the Temporary Labor appointment ends?
The NMU Network User ID becomes “expired” on the employment end date.  The “expired” status lasts for one year.  During this window, the individual can receive/send email, and can access MyNMU (including payroll information), MyUsesr network account information, and EduCat. 
The individual cannot register devices on the network and does not have access to network services such as VPN.  Any previously registered devices are automatically de-registered.
What happens to an “expired” account after one year?
After one year, an expired account becomes “disabled.”  A disabled account has no network access, cannot receive/send email, and cannot register devices on the network.
What happens if the person resigns or is terminated before the end date of their temporary labor appointment?
The Network User ID and account immediately becomes expired. The account may be set to disabled status immediately if circumstances warrant. If the account is set to expired status, after 30 days the account becomes disabled. 
What happens if an account is locked (e.g. password expired, spam activity, password recovery errors, password reset)?
The employee can access account information using MyUser to find out the reason for the lock.  In most circumstances the user can take appropriate action and unlock the account. 
What happens if a temporary labor employee has his/her account disabled?
If an NMU Network User ID and account are disabled due to a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, the employee must work with the appropriate supervisor(s) and/or Human Resources to resolve the situation.
Where can a person get additional help regarding computing resources?
Contact the NMU Computing HelpDesk at 906-227-2468 or visit the HelpDesk in the Learning Resources Center.
Notes:   Individuals with Personal Services contracts are not considered to be NMU employees.
  Spouses are not eligible for network User ID and services.
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