Formatting Images in Word

Microsoft Word gives you many options when formatting a document that includes images. This tutorial will give you an overview of those options. 
  1. Once you have your picture on the document (Ctrl+V to paste it in), you can click and drag it around to the desired location.
    • You can click on the picture or select it and then choose the position options in the "Home" tab to center, left align, or right align. 

  2. Once your image is in the desired approximate location, you can select it to see multiple options for formatting the photo and wrapping the text.
    • You can change the angle of the picture by clicking on it and holding and dragging the curved arrow as shown.

      Rotated image

    • You can change the size of the image by clicking and dragging any of the boxes in the corners. 

      Image sizing

    • Clicking and dragging on the boxes in the center around the picture, as shown below, will change the shape of the picture by stretching or compressing it. 

    • Clicking the box that appears to the upper right of the picture you selected will give you many text wrapping options. You can see those options displayed below. 
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