Comment Feature in Microsoft Word

Comments can be added to a document that do not change the document. You can insert a comment inside balloons that will appear in the document margins. They can also be hidden until you want to edit your paper. This tutorial uses the Office 2016 version, but can easily be transferrable to Office 2013 and 2010 versions.

Insert a Comment
Reply to a Comment
Delete a Comment
Reviewing a Comment
Printing with Comments

Insert a Comment

1. First, highlight over or place your cursor on the text or location you would like your comment to refer to. 
2. Select the "Insert" tab form the ribbon menu, and select "Comment."
  • Alternatively, you can right-click the location you've selected and select "Insert Comment."
​3. Once the comment box appears you can type in the box by selecting it. Your name will display with the comment.
4. Now that you've added comments, they will stay in the document when you save it.

Replying to a Comment

1. Right click the comment you'd like to reply to and select "Reply to Comment" from the menu. 
  • Alternatively, you can select the button in the upper right corner of the comment and type your comment in the line that appears.

2. Your reply will desplay below the comment in an indented fashion. 

Deleting a Comment

1. Select the comment you would like to delete, right click, and select "Delete Comment" from the menu. 


Reviewing a Comment

1. To show all comments on a document, select the "Review" tab and click "Show Comments."
  • To hide them, select this button again. 
2. To show/expand only one comment, click the word bubble icon that appears to the right of your document. 

Printing with Comments

1. In order to print a document with comments included, select the "File" tab and select "Print" with the "Show Comments" button selected as described above
2. In the preview, you should see the comments to the right, as shown above.


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