ThinkPad Model identification

Machine info

The Machine Info application can be used to find the following information.

  • Machine serial number
  • MAC Address
  • Host Name

The host name of your machine will contain three pieces of information, your NMU userid, the machine type, and image version. 

  1. In the Start menu, or Classic Shell, type "Machine Info" and select that option from the results.

  2. A window will appear, showing your computer's information. 

NOTE: Try using the label on the bottom of the machine if you are unable to identify your machine type using the above method.

Label located on the bottom of machine.

Every ThinkPad is stamped with a label identifying the machine type, model, and serial number. This lable is located on the bottom of the machine

Below are samples of the labels.

  • ThinkPad R60 A49
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