NMU password recovery


  1. Go to https://myuser.nmu.edu/recover and enter your NMU email
  2. Choose which recovery option you would like
    You can Proceed with Challenge Question Recovery, you can chose Send a recovery password to your email, or you can Use a Mobile Authentication app recovery.

Challenge Question Recovery Option

  1. Enter your information to acquire your challenge question:
    First Name:_______________
    Last Name:_______________
    IN or SSN(no hyphens):____________________
    BirthDate:__  mm/dd/yyyy           

  2. Enter the Challenge Answer in the box provided (answers are case sensitive)>>Then click Submit.
  3. If you put in the correct answer, you will then receive a temporary password.
  4. Copy the password and then continue to the Log In step below to finish changing your password.

Email Recovery Option

  1. After you choose to be emailed a temporary password, an email will be sent to your password recovery email address. The screen will tell you what your recovery email ends in (ie. yahoo.com or gmail.com etc.)

  2. Go to your email in a different tab/window and recover the "NMU Password Recover Results" message.

    You new, temporary password will be contained in this message. You will need to copy it for the Log In step below.

Mobile Authentication (Two factor) recovery option

  1. After selecting this method, you will need to open your 2fa app on your smartphone.
  2. Get a code from the app for your NMU account.
  3. Enter that code in the box on the NMU recovery page.
  4. You will receive temporary password, copy that for the next step of logging in below.

Log in to myuser to finish changing your password.

  1. Go to myuser. Click on Manage Your User Account or the Login button in top right.
  2. Use your nmu username/email and enter your new, temporary password into the box for the password.
  3. If success, on the next page it will say your account is locked due to recovery. Click Continue.
  4. Next it should take you to the change password screen. Here you will use the temporary password again, as your Current password.
    Then enter a new password for your permanent password in the box next to New Password. Make sure to follow the prompts to make a strong password and only use the symbols listed. (some symbols will throw an error)

    NOTE: Your NMU ID and Password allows access to financial data, grades, courses, e-mail, and many other NMU functions. It is important that you choose a good password and not give that password to anyone
    Re-enter that same password in the box next to Confirm New Password.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. If your password was reset successfully you should see something similar to this page.
  7. You have successfully reset your password. There are a couple options you may want/need to do at this point, see 8 and 9. Otherwise you are finished and will need to use the new password you made for all of your NMU accounts (You most likely will need to edit autosaved passwords).
  8. If you did not know all your recovery info, click on the Security tab and then Display Options under Account Recovery Options. Change/correct information as needed.
  9. If you had to reset your password due to losing your 2fa codes, you need to click on the Security tab as well but then click on the Display Options under 2-Step Verification. There you can remove any 2fa options, add a new phone/app, print more backup codes, etc.
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