Filtering NMU announcements in SquirrelMail

NMU faculty, staff, and students receive many email announcements throughout the day that end up in their inbox with the rest of their mail. There are filters in SquirrelMail that will separate such messages from the rest of your mail (Such features are not available in Roundcube). Here are instructions on how to create a rule that to identify the announcements and filter them into a folder. 

Creating an Announcement Folder
Filtering Student Announcements
Filtering Faculty and Staff Announcements
Other Notes


Creating an Announcement Folder

  1. With SquirrelMail open, choose the "Folders" option from the top menu. 

  2. In the "Create Folder" section, enter the title of the folder, such as "Announcements," and select "Create." 

  3. The folder will now appear in the menu to the left with the rest of your folders. You may have to log in again to see it. 

Filtering Student Announcements

  1. Select "Options" from the top menu.

  2. Choose "Message Filters."
  3. Select "From" in the "Match:" category. 
  4. Type "" in the "Contains:" category, and select the "Announcements" folder you just created from the "Move to:" category.

  5. Click "Submit" to finish and apply this rule. 
  6. It will now show up in your list of rules. 

Filtering Faculty and Staff Announcements

  1. Select "Options" from the top menu.

  2. Choose "Message Filters."
  3. Select "To" in the "Match:" category.
  4. Type the name of the list the message is sent to (in our case in the "Contains:" category, and select the "Announcements" folder you just created from the "Move to:" category.
  5. Click "Submit" to finish and apply this rule. 

  6. It will now show up in your list of rules. 

Other Notes

Message filtering options can be used to direct many types of emails into different folders. You could use them to redirect spam into a spam folder or to direct emails from professors into class folders. The category options are laid out below. 
  • The "Match:" category allows you to choose:
    • "From" to sort by sender (useful if you know all or part of the email address that you are being sent mail from)
    • "To" to sort by recipient (useful if you are in a mailing list) 
    • "CC" to sort out mail that you or someone else is CC'd in
    • "Subject" to sort by common and specific text in a subject line of an email
    • "Header" to sort by text in the header
  • The "Contains" field will depend on the option above. For "Subject" and "Header" this will likely contain text. For "To," "CC," and "From," you will likely use all or part of an email address.
  • The "Move to:" category allows you to select the folder to which the messages will be directed. 


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