Registering a Computer on NMU's Network

Computers must be connected to the network to be registered. Registering your computer or device allows you to access the internet without restricitons to pages. You must have an active NMU account to register your device. 

  1. Make sure you are connected to the NMU campus network using the computer you wish to register with the type of connection you are registering.
  2. Open your preferred web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, and go to to open the registration page (clicking this link will open the page in a new window so you can still follow these directions).
    Note: If the page does not display NOT REGISTERED under "Machine Status:" then your computer is already registered with this connection on the campus network and you do not need to continue any further.
  3. If NOT REGISTERED is displayed enter your NMU User ID (i.e. jsmith without the and password. Then click Login.

  4. Read NMU's Copyright Policy and then click the Continue button at the bottom. 
  5. Read NMU's Copyright Violation Disciplinary actions and then click the I have read the statements above button at the bottom.
  6. Using the scroll bar on the right, read NMU's Acceptable Use Policy and then click the Accept button at the bottom.
  7. Your registration is now complete. For security, click the Logout button on the final screen or simply close your browser window.

It will take about 10 minutes before you have full access to the campus network. Please remember to register each connection available for each computer you will be using to access the campus network. If you have any questions about registering your computer or need further assistance please contact the Help Desk at 227-2468.

If your browser is unable to connect to, follow these steps:

          1. Using Google Chrome:


          2. Using Microsoft Edge: