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For full access to the Internet and NMU network services over the NMU on-campus wired and wireless areas, you must register each network interface (wired and wireless are separate entries) on your computer. Before you register, you will only be able to access limited on-campus Web sites, and you will not have E-mail access.

With the growing availability of wired and wireless network access points across campus, it has become necessary to know who is using our network. It is our intention to prevent unauthorized use of the network, to protect our network community from unwanted access attempts, and to better track the movement of stolen equipment. Registration has been implemented in order to provide security to our network systems and to prevent unauthorized malicious, or illegal use of the NMU network system.

There is no limit to the number of computers you can register. However, please note that your NMU ID will be attached to each computer you register, and you will be responsible for the actions performed using this machine.

Computer registration for NMU's network.

  • Must be on-campus and using the network to register.
  • Users will be required to register their machine once per semester.
  • Computers with wired and wireless connections will require that both connections be registered.

Computers can be registered by opening a web browser and going to

Instructions for registering and de-registering devices are linked below:


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