Starting Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client [Windows]

Some programs and services, such as Ultratime, are only available when on a campus connection. The VPN client, when connected using your NMU login credentials, simulates an on campus network connection. 

Note: In Windows 10, the Action Center VPN option isn't configured. If the client isn't on the system tray already, right-click the icon on the taskbar while the program is open and click "Pin to taskbar." 

1. In the Start menu, search for and click "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client."

2. Click the "Connect" button. The software may install breif updates. The address should be


3. Enter your NMU Email Address and password and click "Login"


4. Once connected the VPN Client icon, a yellow locked padlock will be in the system tray in the bottom right side of the screen. Restarting or right clicking the icon will allow you to disconnect. You can also click the "Disconnect" button. 
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