G Suite Opt-in

NMU has begun switching email accounts from on campus mail servers to Google G Suite servers.

Benefits for opting in to G Suite

  • Your email address will remain the same - userid@nmu.edu
  • No 21 day limit that automatically purges messages from your @nmu.edu email Inbox
  • Unlimited Storage for email, documents and photos
  • Calendar sharing
  • Real-time collaboration with other faculty, staff and students using Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Additional account Security with 2-Step Verification (optional)
  • Hold video meetings with Hangouts

Please keep the following in mind before opting in:

  • New email to your @nmu.edu and/or @mes.nmu.edu address will be delivered to the Google mail server (including calendar invites).
  • Email forwarding settings set through MyUser will be ignored.
  • The Webmail link in MyNMU will link to Google Gmail.
  • Old email messages will not be automatically moved to your @nmu.edu gmail account.
  • Old email can be accessed using the same method you used before opting in, typically Webmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, or OWA.
  • You can also still send messages using the same methods (Webmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, or OWA) but keep in mind the sent messages will not be available in gmail unless you copy the message to yourself.
  • If you are considering opting everyone in your department into G Suite at the same time please review the Departments Opting into G Suite page.
  • Once you opt into G Suite you cannot go back to receiving messages with the previously used NMU email systems.


  1. Please note the NMU HelpDesk hours before opting in if you anticipate needing help. Currently the hours are displayed in the upper right corner of this page.
  2. If you are uncomfortable with the opt-in process you can practice opting in using this NMU HelpDesk Interactive Virtual Guide.
  3. Log in to MyUser and click on the 'G Suite' tab and click the 'Submit' button.
  4. Click on the gmail.nmu.edu link provided on the page to set up gmail for the first time.

After opting in to G Suite you will have access to the following apps and more:

  • Gmail

  • Calendar

  • Drive

  • Docs

  • Hangouts

A brief introduction to G Suite's features is available at the G Suite Learning Center's QuickStart Guide

You might also want to use the Recommended G Suite Settings others have provided.

What to do with your older email

  • If you only need a few of the older messages, you could use the access methods listed above to forward the previously received and sent messages to your G Suite account (yourID@nmu.edu).
  • If you have a large quantity of messages, folders, and other items to move to G Suite you can use the instructions in the links below to import the content from the older systems to your G Suite account.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or the NMU G  Suite Help pages may help you if you have more questions.

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