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Advisee lists, schedules and transcripts Advisee Photos
Career Services Counseling center
Dean of Students Financial Aid
Holds (add or release) International Affairs
Registrar's Office (Bulletins, course info, degree audit, etc.) Starfish Support
Student Support Serivces Vocational Support Services
Virtual Advising  

Class Resources and Management

Class Email Requests Email Class(Faculty Services tab)
Faculty Schedule(Faculty Services tab) Grading(Faculty Services tab)
Instruct Server Classroom technology support
Library Instruction Request Rosters (view) (Faculty Services tab)
Rosters (download) Rosters (photographs)
Schedules/Transcripts of students (Faculty Services tab) Test Scoring
NMU EduCat Software Management System

Forum, Funding, Facilities

Audio-Visual Services Bookstore
Conference Rooms/Catering Student Announcements


Help Desk CTL - Center for Teaching and Learning
Starfish Support  

Laptop use and maintenance

Account Information (change password, check status, SPAM filtering) Backup and Restore
Email Information Micro Repair
Network Issues Password Changes
Software Downloads


New Faculty and Staff Orientation AAUP
Academic Affairs Academic Senate
Curriculum For The 21st Century Roadmap to 2015
Faculty Employment Opportunities Northern Michigan University Faculty Association (NMUFA)
Teaching and Learning Advisory Council - information on excellence in
teaching and learning for new and continuing faculty.
Interfaith Calendar  
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