Instruct Server

The Instruct server can contain any course related materials such as class notes, assignments, quizzes, presentations and course syllabus.

* The Instruct Server is available for academic use only.

Request initial space on Instruct. Instructors can request space using the "Instruct Server" option in MyUser

Request more space on Instruct.

  • Instructors can view their server usage using the "Instruct Web Space" option in MyUser
  • Users must be within 10MB of the quota to request more space.
    • The "Request more space" button will be presented.
  • Quotas are increase in increments of 50MB.
  • 512MB is the maximum space available.


Connecting to Instruct.

Depending on how the Instructor File Server is accessed, different hostnames are used to access the same files.

Please note all data contained on the Instruct server is publicly available. No sensitive information such as backups or other private information should be stored here.

    Web hostname
    FTP hostname
  • Instruct
    \\Instruct (Network Path)
    Server name (Instruct) available on-campus through My Network Places
  • Instruct Server
    Common name used to refer to the Instructor Server

The Instruct Server can be accessed through a web browser or My Network Places. Using a web browser, you can browse and read files from instructor directories. The My Network Places or an FTP client includes the same directory browsing, but also provides the ability to upload files.

Helpful Tip:

Files with an unassociated extension may not load or open in a web browser. Any MS Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) will open automatically using Internet Explorer. Check with your instructor if you encounter difficulty opening a file.

To view Instruct files from a web browser, the URL must be typed in the following form.