Add the NMU SSL Certificate

Note: These certificates are already installed on all NMU issued ThinkPad and desktop computers. The certificates are used for SSL (secure web access) to NMU MyUser, MyWeb, Register, Exchange, and other servers.



1. Download the installer safely from the NMU downloads page by clicking here

2. Close all of your internet browsers. 

3. Run the certificate installer from the file from your downloads folder.
Select "Yes" to allow the installer to run.
    Windows certificate install yes/no

4. Press the Spacebar. 

5. Select "OK" to close the error prompt. The missing files error doesn't prevent the certificate from installing successfully. 

6. Press the Spacebar to finish. The NMU SSL Certificate is now installed. 


1. Navigate to the SSL Certificate Downloads Page in your browser.

2. Click on all five NMUCA files (1-5) to download them.

3. In your Downloads folder, run each NMUCA# file and click "Add."
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