Activate my NMU User account

Your NMU account can be activated at

This procedure will only work for accounts that have not yet been activated. After an account has been activated should be used to view account status or modify account settings.

The following information is necessary to activate a new NMU account.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Social Security Number **
  4. Date of Birth

**NOTE: Individuals without a U.S. Social Security Number may use their NMUIN number.

Screenshots of the new account activation procedure are included below.

  1. Secured Login
  2. NMU Account Activation (Step 1).
  3. NMU Acceptable Use Policy (Step 2).
  4. Set Password Recovery Challenge phrases (Step 3).
  5. Set Password Recovery Email Address (Step 4).
  6. Set Password (Step 5).
  7. NMU Account User Information Displayed (Step 6).
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