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To define the policy for issuing notebook computers to adjunct faculty.


The adjunct must be teaching 3 or more credit hours. Eligibility is verified by a signed employment contract on file in Academic Affairs.


For adjuncts teaching 3 or more credits, although the department will be billed, the University will transfer funds to the department to cover the cost. For adjuncts teaching fewer than 3 credit hours, the Department Head may agree to provide a laptop, but the department must pay the laptop fee.

Distribution & Return:

Where: Laptops are issued to adjuncts from the TSS office (116 Harden Hall) or during fall semester laptop distribution at the Northern Center.

The adjunct must:

  1. Have an NMU Wildcat Express ID Card or other valid photo ID
  2. Sign a Computer Use Agreement

When: Adjuncts teaching semester long courses may pick up a laptop two weeks prior to the start of classes for the semester in which the adjunct is teaching. Semester dates are determined by the University academic calendar; pick-up and due dates are calculated according to this calendar. Adjuncts teaching courses shorter than a full semester may pick up a laptop two weeks prior to the start of class; the laptop must be returned when the class is completed. The adjunct’s employment contract is used to determine these dates.

Due date: The laptop must be returned no later than the day grades are due or when the teaching contract expires (see preceding statement regarding adjuncts with less than full semester teaching assignments). Laptops are to be returned to the TSS office during normal business hours or to the NMU Police Department 24/7. Failure to return the laptop by the due date will result in a $15.00 per day fee billed to the adjunct. Please note that the NMU Police Department will be notified and Northern Michigan University will seek civil or criminal prosecution if the laptop is not returned on time. Adjuncts who are contracted for the semester immediately following the initial appointment are eligible to continue to use the computer provided that a signed contract, on file with Academic Affairs, that has been processed by Human Resources.

Summer Laptop Use

Adjuncts With a Summer Contract: Adjuncts with summer contracts will be issued a laptop in accordance with established eligibility, cost, and distribution policies and guidelines.

Adjuncts Without a Summer Contract: Adjuncts completing a teaching assignment at the end of Winter semester who are contracted to teach again in the following Fall semester may use the laptop over the summer. A signed contract for Fall semester must be on file with Academic Affairs and processed by Human Resources no later than the Winter semester laptop due date (usually the date grades are due). Adjuncts who do not have a signed contract for the Fall semester must return the laptop by the Winter semester due date. If the adjunct is subsequently issued a contract for Fall semester, the adjunct may pick up a laptop two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester.

August 2010
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