Lenovo Notebook Computer Repair Policy

Information Technology
Technology Support Services
NMU students, faculty and staff
Defines the process for having NMU issued notebook computers repaired (this does not include purchased computers)

Notebook computers needing repair within the United States

  1. Phone the Technology Support Services office at 906-227-2468 or bring the Notebook computer to the TSS located on the campus of Northern Michigan University to have the Notebook computer diagnosed and repaired. Northern Michigan University will not accept collect telephone calls.
  2. A pre-paid box will be shipped to an individual who is unable to bring the Notebook computer to TSS office. The Notebook computer will be repaired and shipped back to the individual within one working day of receipt. If the computer cannot be repaired, a different computer will be substituted. Northern Michigan University will pay for all shipping costs.
  3. Back up your files, Technology Support Servi9ces office cannot guarantee that your files will remain on the computer.

Notebook computer's needing repair outside of the United States

  1. Fill out a Problem Report Form to see if the problem can be solved. Upon receipt of the problem, a TSS staff member will respond with recommended courses of action. Please do not take action prior to an e-mail exchange with the TSS office. If you do not have internet access you may call the TSS office at 906-227-2468. Northern Michigan University will not accept collect telephone calls.
  2. The individual may seek repairs at an authorized Lenovo repair location. Keep all receipts of the repairs for possible reimbursement along with diagnosis of the problem and what work was done. The individual will be responsible for any labor charges. **Verify that the repairs are covered under warranty before the work is done.
  3. The individual is responsible for all costs to repair the computer, if the repairs are not covered under warranty. Examples of repairs that are not covered under warranty: liquid spills, damage caused by dropping, auto accidents, theft. Northern Michigan University 's insurance policy does not cover notebook computers outside of North America . Northern Michigan University strongly encourages the individual to obtain additional insurance to cover non-warranty repairs before leaving the United States.
  4. Upon returning to Northern Michigan University , the individual may present the repair receipts to the Technology Support Services office for evaluation relative to accepted repair practice and charges. There is no guarantee that the individual will receive 100% reimbursement for the repairs.
August 2010
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Technology Support Services office