Windows Tablet Mode

New to Windows 10, tablet mode makes Windows more touch-friendly. If you're using an NMU-issued Twist or a touch-equipped T460s you may consider using tablet mode.

For more information on using your Windows 10 touch computer like a tablet, visit Microsoft's Support Page on the subject

1. Access the Action Center either by clicking the text bubble  in the taskber, pressing the combination Windows Key + "A," or swiping from the right side of the screen if your device is equipped with a touch screen. 

2. Click the "Tablet Mode" option.

3. Tablet mode will open and appears as a full-screen version of the Start screen. Apps will open in full-screen.

4. In tablet mode, the app icons, notification icons, and touch keyboard button can be displayed on the task bar but are hidden by default. To show them, right-click the taskbar and click the "Show" option for the feature you'd like to show. 



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