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Getting Started with EduCat


Discussion Forums

VoiceThread - Multimedia Discussions/Presentations

Zoom - Virual Classroom

H5P - Interactive Activities

Unicheck - Plagiarism Detection


Respondus - LockDown and Monitor

Other Tools


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Other Recording Tools

  • On NMU Windows-based laptop - use the Camera Option to record with your webcam
  • Phone - use apps to record such as Camera
  • Screencast-o-matic - use the Record for Free.  You can screen record video, screenshot still pictures, and combine screen recording and webcam.  The free account doesn't include features like zoom and drawing.  It also includes a watermark.  Please practice before turning in an assignment.
  • Loom - the Starter version is limited to 5 minutes videos and 25 videos overall, as well as not having access to all features.
  • For audio only recording, Audacity has a free download of their software to create mp3 files and do light editing.

Video Storage

  • Once you have a video (or Audio file) created by any means listed above (Zoom, Camera, Phone, etc) and most likely in Mp4 format, you will then need somewhere to upload and store the video so that you can share with your instructor, your group members, or anyone else.

  • WildCast is a streaming server designed to hold video files.  Students can upload files to WildCast from an instructor's assignment link in EduCat.  Your instructor must set up a Co-cast link in EduCat.
  • YouTube - You can store/upload your videos in YouTube Studio.  Please use your NMU credentials so that your school account is accessible for instructors and doesn't get mixed in with your personal videos.

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Qualtrics - Survey Making Software

Qualtrics - Quick Reference

Qualtrics - Basics

Qualtrics Support 

Contact the CTL at 227-2483 or

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Online Readiness

The Dean of Students (DOS) has some great resources.  There are resources for First Generation Students, as well as Commuter and Non-traditional Students.

NMU's Global Campus has resources for Online Degree Programs.

Lydian M. Olson Library Resources including Distance Library Services

Some resources require additional security and will need to use VPN

Plan on being a successful online student!  It doesn't happen by accident.

Pre-requisites for online learning - before starting online courses you will need to complete the Online Course Preparation Tutorial.  This course will teach some of the very basic elements of EduCat (the Learning Management System for your courses) and being an online student.  This course will show up as you log into EduCat.  After passing the course you will have access to all of your online courses and retain access to the Tutorial if you ever need to reference it again.  

Biology courses also require that you take an online course for lab safety.  Your lab instructor will direct you to the specific courses that are required.

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