Install Cisco VPN Client

This article uses Windows 7 to install the VPN client, but the instructions are very similar to Windows 8 and can be followed for either version. 
  1. Download and open the Cisco VPN client installer from this page
    • If the computer gives a security warning, ensure to select that you do want to run or install the program. 
  2. The computer may will ask you to save or run the file. Select "Run."
  3. The installer will open. Select "Continue."

    Continue to installer

  4. After the installer finishes and presents the message"AnyConnect has been installed," select "OK."

    Finish installer

  5. To launch the new client, first press the start menu and select "All Programs."

    All Programs menu

  6. Expand the Cisco folders and select "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client."

    Cisco folder in All Programs

  • Right click the icon in this menu for options to pin the client to the taskbar, start menu, or to add it to the desktop. 
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