Export Outlook Distribution List to Google Contacts

We recommend you only use this method to export very large distribution lists. For small distribution list, it is more efficient to create a contact group in Google and then add contacts to the group.

Step 1: Save Distribution List as Text file

  1. Open Outlook,
  2. Click the Distribution List you want to export.
  3. Click "File, Save As…"
  4. On the "Save As" window, select "Text Only (*.txt)" in the "Save As Type" drop down on the bottom.
  5. Name the file, for example list01.txt, and then save it on the local machine.

Step 2: Open the saved Text file in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Open the saved file above, make sure the Files of Type should be All Files, or Text Files.
  3. When you select the list01.txt from previous step, you will be automatically redirected to Text Import Wizard.
  4. Accept all the default to complete the import process.
  5. Delete first few rows (about 4), like “Distribution List Name: ….” , “Members:”, or empty rows.
  6. Insert the first row as the header according to the information in other rows, such as Name, Email Address, etc. Check the following page for details, http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=12119

Step 3: Save Excel file as CSV file

  1. In Excel, click File, Save As and on the Save As window, make sure you change the Save as Type as CSV.
  2. Name your file, for example list01.csv and you are done with the exporting.

Step 4: Import CSV file to Google Contacts

  1. Create a new group in https://contacts.google.com using the option the menu on the left side of the window.
  2. Choose "Import Contacts" from the menu on the left side of the window and follow the regular routine to import contacts to Google.
  3. Make sure to check “Also add these imported contacts to:” this just created group.
  4. Now this new group can be used just like any contact.
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