Dial In Update

NMUPPP dial in services ended on August 1, 2014. This has been a long time in coming. The once very popular service that had over 310 connection modems has dwindled to 23 modems in the last few years. The costs and difficulty in finding and maintaining the old dial in equipment has made dial in too expensive to continue for the few people that still use it. After August 1, the 227-9680 dial in number may still ring, but no modem will answer the call. Eventually, the number will be placed out of service and returned to the AT&T phone number pool. Depending on your location, NMU LTE (see www.nmu.edu/LTE) or other Internet Service Providers may be available. Check with your local phone company and the Internet & Online Services available in your local phone book.

See also the Discount/free ISP listing at http://www.all-free-isp.com/area-code-906.php
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