Customizing TrackPad Settings in OSX

  1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner and selecting “System Preferences…”

  2. Click on "Trackpad" to view all the settings.

  3. The first tab includes "Point & Click" settings  for clicking and dragging.

    • Tap to click- left click objects by lightly tapping the trackpad
    • Secondary click- settings for right-click
    • Look up- gives a definition of selected word in supported programs
    • Three finger drag- allows dragging of windows and objects across the screen
  4. Tab two contains "Scroll & Zoom" settings.

    • Scroll direction: natural – Natural scroll scrolls pages like moving paper on a desk. When unchecked, scrolling is inverted.
    • Zoom in or out – This enables pinch to zoom throughout Mac OS.
    • Smart zoom – This enables zooming that will try to keep the selected area on the screen.
    • Rotate - This enables you to use the rotate faction in supported programs.
  5. Tab three contains "More Gestures." There are multiple extra gestures that can be enabled. 

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