Common Tech Symbols

There are some universal technological symbols that can be encountered and it can be important to know what they mean. Below you  will find images of many common symbols. Click on an image to read more about it.

Power Symbol

The power symbol typically signifies a device's on/off button

Refresh Symbol

The refresh symbol reloads the current web page and is usually located near the top of the browser next to the URL bar.

Volume Symbols

The volume symbols signify weather or not the volume is on or muted. If muted, there is often a slash through the speaker icon. Depending on the software, the volume icon may reflect the volume level by the number of "soundwaves" emmited from the speaker icon.

Recycle Symbol

The recycle symbol, in technology, typically symbolizes a place where your files go before you delete them completely.

WiFi Symbol

The WiFi symbol, represented also as a stair-step icon, signifies available wireless internet connections.

Location Icon

The location icon signifies that a location service is active or in use.

Ethernet Symbol

The ethernet symbol signifies an available wired connection port.

Bluetooth Symbol

The Bluetooth symbol indicates the ability to connect a Bluetooth-compatible device.

USB Port Symbol

The USB port symbols signifies a port available for connecting many types of devices.

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