Copyright Violation System


NMU has instituted an early detection copyright violation system. It's aim is to detect the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials over the basic peer to peer programs(ex. gnutella, limewire). This system will issue citations for any violations on a daily basis. Internally and externally(RIAA, MPAA and BSA) generated complaints will be punished as follows.

Disciplinary action

  • First infractions - User is deregistered, sent a warning notice via email and 48-hour internet ban.
  • Second infractions - User is deregistered, sent a email notice, 48-hour internet ban and must visit Help Desk.
  • Third infractions - User is deregistered and placed in register lockout for 60 days. A review by the dean of students office is initiated. Email notice is sent. This punishment will also be used for any further offenses.

Offenders lose access to NMU's network with the exception of Educat, NMU e-mail and NMU library homepage. Questions or problems with a request can directed to the Help Desk (906) 227-2468.  

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