Connect a Device to the NMU Network

To connect a device to Northern Michigan University's internet as a student, staff, or faculty, you can register your device at Before you register, you will only be able to access limited on-campus web sites, and you will not have e-mail access. After you register you will be able to access the internet as well as some specific NMU online resources only available while on the campus network or through the Cisco VPN for MacOS or Cisco VPN for Windows.

Keep the following in mind while registering:

  • You must be on-campus and using the NMU WiFi or Ethernet network to register.
  • Your NMU account must be active in order to have computers and devices registered. 
  • You are limited to registering 3 LTE sim cards per account.
  • You are limited to registering 3 smart devices per account.
  • There is no limit to the number of computers or phones you can register.
  • Please note that your NMU ID will be attached to each computer you register, and you will be responsible for the actions performed using this machine, including those that violate NMU's copyright and acceptable use policies.
  • In specific cases where you need to access the internet via both wireless and wired internet, you might need to register the device twice, once for each type of connection. This is not always required though, most NMU issues devices do not need to be registered twice.
  • Not all smart devices will work on NMU's campus network. Most smart devices are meant to work on a small home network rather than a large campus or business network. Any device that has it's own form of wifi router will not work with our system. That includes some wireless speakers, such as Sonos, some smart home devices, some wifi printers, and more.

If you have too many devices registered or just want to remove a device you no longer have, you can go De-Register a Device

This page deals mainly with registering devices other than phones or computers. These can be know as IOT devices, smart devices, or smart home devices. For computers or phones, please visit the following links.

Registering your smart device

  1. First you need to find the device's MAC address, usually in the device's network settings or advanced settings. Unfortunately we cannot document the MAC address of every smart device. We encourage you to use an internet browser of your choice for information on where to find the MAC address of your device. Try searching "How to find the MAC address for my brand name, model name". If you run into issues, check the publication date or creation date of the webpage providing information to make sure it is recent enough to be relevant.
  2. Next you will log into
  3. Read the NMU Copyright Policy and click Continue.
  4. Read the NMU Copyright Violations and click I have read the statements above.
  5. Read the NMU Acceptable Use Policy and click Accept.
  6. If prompted, complete the Acceptable Use Policy Test and click Submit Answers. Below is an example of one possible test you may be given.
  7. Finally, enter the device's MAC address (see step 1 if do not know it) and the type of device, either other for most devices or gamebox for gaming consoles. Click Register and if successful you should get a message saying so.
  8. After 5 to 10 minutes, your device should work with the network. However, depending on your device it may require more steps to finish setting up.
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