Notebook Computer Summer Policy

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NMU Students
Identify details for summer notebook computer use.

Continuing students

Continuing students registered for summer but not continuing in fall
Students attending classes in the winter semester who are pre-registered for a summer session may continue to use the notebook computer issued to them until the date grades are due after the official last day of the summer session. There will be no charge for the summer notebook usage. If the notebook computer is not returned NMU will begin collection procedures.

Note: If the notebook computer service cycle expires at the end of August, the student must return that notebook computer and pick up another notebook computer during distribution at the beginning of the fall semester.  Students will be notified by e-mail (sent to their account) that the computer is due for exchange.

Students registered for summer session
Students registered for summer classes who are not currently participants in the notebook computer program (i.e. do not have a laptop issued to them from the previous winter semester) may rent a notebook computer from the TSS office for a $250 rental fee ($345 for a Mac). The notebook computer is due back to TSS office by the day grades are due after the official end of the summer session. For students enrolled in short courses during the summer, daily and weekly notebook computer rentals ($15/day for Thinkpad or $20/day for MacBook, $40/week for Thinkpad or $55/week MacBook) are available.

If a student decides to continue in fall semester and registers for classes prior to the last day of the summer session, the student may continue to use the notebook computer. Tuition for the fall semester must be paid or a payment plan must be in place before the first day of classes. If fall tuition is not paid and the notebook computer is not returned NMU will begin collection procedures to recover the notebook computer. The note regarding end of service cycle computers from the preceding section of this policy also applies. Part-time students must opt-in to the notebook computer program.

New students registered for summer, continuing full-time in fall semester
Notebook computers will be issued from the TSS Department for students that are enrolled for the summer and fall semesters. If the student remains registered for the fall semester and their fall tuition obligation is met on time, there will be no charge for the summer notebook usage. If the fall tuition obligation is not met by the tuition due date, the student will be charged $250 ($345 for a Mac) for the summer usage and the standard late fee charges that occur between the fall tuition due date and the return of the notebook.

March 2018
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