Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky® Enpoint Security Antivirus combines reactive antivirus and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective protection against malicious programs.

Each NMU-issued computer comes pre-installed with this software. There are a few different sections for the interface, but many sections can't be changed or configued due to NMU Network Administration and licensing settings. 

Antivirus Protection Information
Proactive Protection Information
Manually Run Scan

Antivirus Protection

Email protection

  • Virus scanning of email traffic on any mail program according to the protocol via which it is sent (POP3, IMAP and NNTP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail).
  • Plug-ins and treatment for viruses in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express mail databases.
  • Real-time scanning of all HTTP internet traffic to ensure that infected objects are not saved to the computer's hard disk.

File Systems Protection

  • Possibility to designate antivirus scans for individual files, catalogues and disks
  • Antivirus scanning limited to critical areas of the operating system and startup objects ensures that attention is focused on the most vulnerable areas of the system.


Proactive protection

File System Change Control

  • Possibility to compile lists of applications - the component structure of which will be controlled - prevents malicious programs from undermining the integrity of the application.


Memory Processes Monitoring

  • Activity monitoring of programs and processes that have been launched in the computer's memory at the same time
  • Warnings of dangerous, suspicious or hidden processes (i.e. rootkits), and of unauthorized changes in routine processes


Operating System Registry Monitoring

  • Control of operating system registry status
  • Notification of suspicious objects or attempts to create hidden keys in the registry


Dangerous Macro Blocking

  • Proactive protection of the operation of macros based on Visual Basic for applications in Microsoft Office documents
  • Blocking of dangerous macro-commands from being executed


System restore

  • System restoration after malicious activity
  • Roll back of changes made to the system by malicious programs


File Anti-Virus

This component monitors your computer's file system. It scans all files that can be opened, executed or saved on your computer.

Mail Anti-Virus

The Mail Anti-Virus component scans all incoming and outgoing email. It analyzes emails for malicious programs, allowing access to email if it is free of dangerous objects.

Web Anti-Virus

Web Anti-Virus is designed to intercept and block scripts on web sites that pose a threat.

Proactive Defense

Proactive defense is designed to monitor and analyze the behavior of all installed programs.


This component traces and blocks programs that display unwanted advertising, joke programs, remote administration and monitoring tools.


Anti-Hacker protects your computer while it is on the network. It accomplishes this by monitoring all inbound and outbound connections and scans ports and data packets.


Anti-Spam scans all incoming email for spam subject matter. These spam emails will then be marked with a special header.

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