NMU Laptop purchase information

Notebook computers become available for purchase when their lease expires. Northern Michigan University receives notebook computers every year creating a purchase period annually. The purchase price is negotiated between NMU and the vendor. This price is passed through to the purchaser.

August 2016 - GRADUATING STUDENTS: Purchases begin Monday, July 25, 2016 and end Friday, August 5, 2016.  

  • Initial purchase information will be sent to graduates via their NMU email accounts. Students that do not purchase the computer will need to return the computer by the deadline date, as stated in the purchase email. Students that do not purchase the computer and are registered for credit earning NMU classes by the next semester's respective deadline date may continue to use the computer.
  • Eligible purchasers will be notified via their NMU email accounts with the required purchase procedure.
Models available for purchase
Models Image Price
ThinkPad T420i (DE6) Windows Vista $50.00
ThinkPad X230i (BD8) Windows 7 $132.50
ThinkPad S230u (1V3) Windows 8 $285.00
MacBook 2012 (ZSC) macOS $238.50
MacBook 2013 (Z3S) macOS $353.57

To be eligible to purchase:

  • The NMU student must be a participant in the TLC program and have an end of lease computer issued to them..
  • If special software for class requirements has been installed it will be removed, the computer MUST be reimaged with the OEM software image.  Software removal must be done before students are eligible to purchase their computer. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR FILES.


All computer purchases will be processed using the on-line purchase web site. Payment may be made by check (checking account number and the bank’s routing number is needed) or credit card (Discover, MasterCard or VISA).

To purchase the computer using the on-line purchase site, the following information will be required:

  • The serial number of the computer that is being purchased.
  • NMU user ID & password

Continuing students that purchase their computer will be issued a replacement computer before the start of their next semester. The IT Services web site will have distribution dates and times approximately two weeks before notebook distribution.