Using the Mac OS X dock

Using the Dock

  1. To access any of these files or applications, click one of the icons in the Dock.

  2. When an application launches a small white orb will appear under the application icon to signify that the application has launched. If a file or application isn't in the dock, its icon appears there once you open it. To open a document using one of the applications in the dock, simply drag the document to the applications icon in the dock, and the document opens.

Starting Applications Without Using the Dock

  1. Open the Hard Drive icon.
  2. Click the Applications label. All of the applicatons are displayed in the window. You will need to double-click the application to launch it, whereas in the dock only a single-click is needed.

Adding items to the Dock

Dragging an applications icon to a space between other icons on the dock will a new entry. This same process can be used to add frequently accessed documents or other items as well.

Removing items from the Dock

Just as dragging a file/folder onto the Trash icon will delete the file/folder, dragging a dock item onto the Trash icon in the dock will remove the entry from the dock.

Changing the Dock Appearance

Click on the System Preferences item in the dock and then the dock preferences item to view or change the dock settings.


A stack is a dock item that gives you fast, convenient access to a folder of files. When you click a stack, the files within spring from the Dock in a fan or a grid, depending on the number of items (or the preference you set). Leopard starts you off with two premade stacks: one for downloads and the other for documents. The Downloads stack automatically captures files downloaded from Safari, Mail, and iChat, and the Documents stack is a great place to keep things like presentations, spreadsheets, and word processing files. You can create as many stacks as you wish simply by dragging folders to the right side of your Dock.

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