G Suite Opt-in

NMU has begun switching email accounts from on campus mail servers to gmail accounts accessible via http://gmail.nmu.edu.

NOTE: your email address will remain the same - Userid@nmu.edu

After opting in to G Suite you will have access to the following apps and more:

  • Gmail

  • Calendar

  • Drive

  • Docs

  • Hangouts


Benefits for opting in to G Suite

  • Unlimited Storage for email, documents and photos
  • No 21 day limit that automatically purges messages from your @nmu.edu email Inbox
  • Calendar sharing
  • Real-time collaboration with other faculty, staff and students using Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Additional account Security with 2-Step Verification (optional)
  • Hold video meetings with Hangouts

Please keep the following in mind before opting in:

  • Once you opt into G Suite you cannot go back to receiving messages with the previously used NMU email systems.
  • New email to your @nmu.edu and/or @mes.nmu.edu address will be delivered to the Google mail server (including calendar invites).
  • Email forwarding settings set through MyUser will be ignored.
  • The Webmail link in MyNMU will link to Google Gmail.
  • Old email messages will not be automatically moved to your @nmu.edu gmail account. They can be accessed using the same method you used before opting in, typically Webmail, Outlook, or OWA.

Gmail - gmail.nmu.edu
Calendar - calendar.nmu.edu
Drive - drive.nmu.edu
Docs - docs.google.com
Hangouts - hangouts.google.com

Begin using G Suite

Users can opt-in by logging on to MyUser and clicking on the G Suite tab.

** Please note the NMU HelpDesk hours on the right before opting in if you anticipate needing help.

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