MacBook 2018 Image On-campus Printer Fix

NMU public network printers are located in the NMU Library, the Help Desk (room LRC 116), Jacobetti Center, PEIF. As of 9/21/18 the Jacobetti, PEIF, and HelpDesk Laser printers use the same printer settings as the "Library Laser" printer already configured on the NMU Thinkpad and MacBook issued computers. Please use the "Library Laser" printer for the Jacobetti, PEIF, and HelpDesk Laser printers.

These printers are already set up on NMU issued ThinkPad or MacBooks. However, the configuration on the fall 2018 MacBook image is incorrect. To resolve the issue the "Library Laser" and the "Library Color Laser" printers need to be removed using the Remove a printer on the MacBook instructions and then recreate the printers using the instructions at the NMU Library web site